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Public University Corporation, the University of Aizu

Location Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture 965-8580


For Inquiries
Subject Division (Section) Tel / Fax E-Mail
For use of facilities General Affairs and Budget Division (General Affairs Section) Tel: (0242)37-2500
Fax: (0242)37-2528
For public lectures, campus visit Planning and Collaboration Division (Planning & PR Section) Tel: (0242)37-2510
Fax: (0242)37-2546

For Industry-University collaboration and the University-Business Innovation Center

Planning and Collaboration Division (Collaboration & Assistance Section) Tel: (0242)37-2776
Fax: (0242)37-2778
For joint research, commissioned research and grant donation Tel: (0242)37-2511
Fax: (0242)37-2546
For student recruitment and admissions Student Affairs Division (Student Recruiting Section) Tel: (0242)37-2723
Fax: (0242)37-2526
For ICT Global All-English Program admissions Tel: (0242)37-2701
Fax: (0242)37-2766
For academic affairs Student Affairs Division (Academic Affairs Section) Tel: (0242)37-2600
Fax: (0242)37-2526
For placement requests for students, employment statistics
For issuance of certificates (including certificates after graduation completion)
Student Affairs Division (Student Support Section) Tel: (0242)37-2515
Fax: (0242)37-2526
For educational computing environments Information Processing Center, Information Systems and Technology Center (Information Processing Section) Tel: 0242-37-2524
Fax: 0242-37-2529